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Well here I am again, sitting at home wondering what to do now that the holiday season is over and the weather is deteriorating!  I have neglected my blog and family history research for a number of months as outdoor activities beckoned, so I think it is now time to ease myself back into genealogy mode with a nice easy post on my blog.
I have further reason to be inactive right now as I injured my knee whilst on holiday in Brittany (France).  My daughter got married in early July, as you can imagine the weeks leading up to this were quite hectic so a couple of days later we took our touring caravan to Brittany for a long 4 week break.  On the second day at the first camp site we decided to put up the awning on the outside of the caravan  As I was squatting down to hammer in one of the pegs something happened inside my knee, a sharp pain and 2 days of swollen knee followed.  We completed the holiday without too much of a problem, but I now realise I should have taken more care following the incident! My knee never recovered and deteriorated further.  Following a consultation with a specialist last week I find that I have a Meniscal Cartilage Tear which now needs surgery.
I find that one of the great things about being away from home and all its diversions is the ability to relax and read some of the books that have been gathering dust in the bookcase.  From a genealogists viewpoint one book I read stands out from all the others, in fact until I started to read it I never gave any thought to its relevance to family history.  The book I am referring to is At Home by Bill Bryson.  It is also available for the Kindle.
Bill Bryson seems to have the ability to grab your attention and draw you in to his books right from the start.  Perhaps its a ‘man thing’ but I love the obscure facts that he keeps coming up with, I want to keep reading on and on to see what’s next.  The introduction starts with a cracker about Norfolk churches and why they all appear to have sunk into the ground, the fact is that they haven’t, it is the churchyard’s that have risen, 3 feet or more in some cases.  I won’t tell you why as it would spoil the start of the book.  The book is a fascinating journey back to 1851 with hundreds of facts that will keep a family historian glued to the book.  The research that went into this book is amazing, there are 33 pages of Bibliography, there is also a comprehensive 28 page index.  In my opinion a thoroughly good read, highly recommended.

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Thought – If I had injured my knee back in 1851 then I would have been a cripple for the rest of my life, thank goodness for modern medicine and surgery.
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