Another LostCousins Newsletter Just Out

I know I keep harping on about Peter Calvers LostCousins Newsletter’s and how informative they are, but they just keep getting better.  Here is an overview of what’s in his latest newsletter, with my comments underneath:

  • The most comprehensive death indexes
    • A reason why you should use the search all feature in the Findmypast death index’s
  • Masterclass: Extending your tree beyond 1911
    • How to find the descendants of your ancestors in the 1911 census.  This is brilliant I shall be starting as soon as I have finished writing this post!
  • Researching children in family history
    • A short course at the SOG
  • Nick is the new president!
    • Nick Barratt, he original researcher in WDYTYA is the new president of the SOG.  I still prefer the old structure of the show with Nick explaining at the end how he did it.  Adrian Childs was also great at presenting the show.
  • How accurate was the 2011 Census?
    • I never realised that we were not asked for our birthplace in the recent census.
  • Canadian census disclosure option 
    • Perhaps we in the UK should have been given this option.  
    • I completed my census return on line and filled in the paper version (with additional info) which resides in my research papers.
  • The mystery of the missing will
    •  Don’t take no for an answer!
  • Low key launch for new Irish site
    • Great news for all the genealogist with ancestors in Ireland
  • Tracing ‘Ag Labs’
    • I have loads of these so will be listening to this podcast with interest.
  • Hearth Tax returns online
    • Free transcriptions for the London/Middlesex area
  • Posting family trees on the Internet
    • Ah! the old conundrum – do I or don’t I publish my family tree online.  This is Peter’s view on the subject.  
    • I publish mine in several forms and on different sites depending who I want to share with.  However if you don’t publish how will your cousins ever find you?
  • The personal touch
    • Some interesting comments about the Ancestry site.  This explains why their search facility is so utterly inferior to that of Findmypast. 
  • Peter’s Tips
    • A reason why to buy but not use Family Tree Maker!
    • A use for Marmite
    • The Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console
  • Have you tried
    • An unexpected record source

Read the newsletter to get some great information.  Even better why not join LostCousins and find someone who shares your ancestors.

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