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The latest edition of Peter Calver’s excellent newsletter from LostCousins has just been published. Peter combines genealogy news with personal insights and other non genealogy tips.  If you are researching your british ancestors then is a great read.  Peter says:
All of the newsletters since February 2009 are still online, and because each newsletter links to the one before, it’s easy to catch up on any you’ve missed, or track down an article you’d like to re-read (soon there will be an online index – and then it will be even easier!).
Why not join LostCousins so that you will get a copy regularly, standard membership is free.  I have been using LostCousins for a number of years; its aim is to put you in touch with living cousins.  All you have to do is enter your ancestors census data.  The following census are currently supported – England & Wales 1841; England & Wales 1881; Scotland 1881; United States 1880; Canada 1881; and Ireland 1911.  Once the census info is entered the LostCousins web site does the rest, searching for anyone else who has input the same data, then giving you the opportunity to get in touch with them.

The subjects covered in the latest newsletter are:

Stash in the attic
Wildcards – the key to successful searches
Save 15% on findmypast subscriptions
Choosing between Ancestry and findmypast
I came, I saw, I googled
The poor of London
Essex libraries offer answers
How will cutbacks affect researchers?
Free parking at the National Archives
Have you kept your New Year resolutions?
Who will take over your research?
Remember the living
Are your cousins struggling to find you?
Memories of wartime Britain
Forest fire quenched
A frog in the throat
Using the ‘Historical Research’ category
Peter’s tips

The LostCousins goal states:

LostCousins is about bringing people together, not just people who share an interest in family history, but people with a shared interest in the same families, people who share the same DNA.

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