LostCousins – Free Access for Easter

I have been using LostCousins for many years, it is a unique and great resource for discovering those cousins you didn’t know existed!  This Easter they are giving free access to link with cousins you find through the LostCousins web site.  This is a resource that could be especially useful for genealogists in USA and Canada.

In the latest bi-weekly newsletter, which has become a must read, Peter Calver annouces free access.

Peter says:

“From now until Monday 2nd May it will be completely free to link with relatives you find through LostCousins! It’s usual to have a free period at Easter, but with a Royal Wedding the following weekend I’ve decided to make this year extra special (even though my invitation to the wedding seems to have got lost in the post). Oh, and by the way, it’s the 7th birthday of LostCousins on Sunday 1st May, so that’s another reason to celebrate.

To take full advantage of this opportunity enter all the blood relatives you can find on the 1881 Census – no matter how distantly-related they may seem. Whilst it’s important to enter your direct ancestors and their households (assuming they were recorded on the census), in practice it’s the brothers, sisters, and cousins who had families of their own in 1881 who are most likely to link you to your living relatives – so make sure you enter them.

As a rule of thumb if you have 1000 relatives on your family tree, there should be between 150-200 entries from the 1881 Census on your My Ancestors page.

Of course, it’s also a great time to invite the relatives you already know to join – remember that even 1st cousins only share half of your ancestors, so they can’t rely on you to make all the connections. Do them a favour, and introduce them to LostCousins!”

As an added bonus, when you enter your census information into LostCousins it provides you with an excellent opportunity to check your census sources.

Happy 7th Birthday to LostCousins

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