Timmins One Name Study

Today I launched a new Blog to support the One Name Study (ONS) of my TIMMINS surname.
This is just a short post inviting friends and followers to click the link and see the new blog and perhaps follow me in yet another Ancestral journey!  Timmins – A One Name Study

Ancestral Wormhole will still be the main outlet for my Family History blogging but anything related to the TIMMINS ONS will be over in the new blog.

Happy New Year

Guild Of One Name Studies – Member #5946


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3 thoughts on “Timmins One Name Study

  1. Hello Tony, My name is Kirk Timmins, currently living in Pennsylvania, USA. My Grandfather was Herbert Timmins lived in Wolverhampton, born June 8, 1888. Nearest landmark I know was Half Penny Green. His father died very young, and mother remarried a LLoyd I believe. I run into many dead ends trying to trace his past partly because of his father's death. At 20 years old Herbert moved to Canada mining silver and eventually moved to Pennsylvania where he met my Grandmother Pearl Crum. Reading your articles, I cant help but feel a lot of similarities in our heritage. I will continue to read your articles on tracing the Timmins name, but thought you might like to know the possibility of us being related. Thanks for your time. Kirk Timmins timmins35@verizon.net.

  2. Hello Kirk, thank you for taking the time to write a comment on my blog. The dates and locations do seem to indicate a remote possibility of ancestral connections. I have made a note of your ancestors and will watch out for them in my future research. Without written evidence the only route to prove family connections is via DNA testing. I have already taken a Y-DNA (37 Marker) test with FamilytreeDNA and set up a TIMMINS project. You can search for DNA projects here – https://www.familytreedna.com/projects.aspx

    Good luck with your research.

    Kind regards …………. Tony

  3. Hi Tony. I think we may have previously comminicated in a different forum. I live in Massachusetts, USA. My great-grandfather Fred Timmins (1878-1942) was born in Oldbury, England, but came to Mass. with his parents William Timmins (1845-1913) & Elizabeth Downing (1847-1931) in 1880. William appears also to have been born in Oldbury, and I have his father as Thomas Timmins (1818-1877). I have had the basic Ancestry DNA test; I am not aware that it came with Y-DNA information.

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