Welcome to the TIMMINS One Name Study

Welcome to my new genealogy blog. This is the place where I will be recording the journey into the one name study of my TIMMINS surname.  I will still keep the existing Ancestral Wormhole blog for my general family history, however items relevant to the ONS (one name study) will be copied over, thus keeping all ONS documentation together in one place.

A bit of background – I have been researching my family history since 1997, starting with my grandparent’s names of: TIMMINS, HAYES, WILLIAMS and BENYON, then slowly working through the generations until brick walls started to appear. During the research I became very interested in my own surname, mainly as it appeared to be rare particularly in the area which I lived (Cheshire). The interest in family history subsequently developed into a blog where I could post facts about my research, hopefully encouraging potential cousins to get in touch. Over the years I have acquired a number of unconnected TIMMINS families which I have now decided would help start a One Name Study.

It is early days and I’m just commencing my journey, there are many decisions to make, such as: how wide should the ONS coverage be, what software to use, how to publish data, and then there is all the data to collect.  My first decision though was whether or not to join the Guild of One Name Studies and to officially register the surname.  No one had registered the surname with the GOONS to this point.  However a genealogy friend at Steers ONS convinced me that I was doing the research anyway so why not join up?  So here I am starting my journey which I hope you will follow.

The information here is rather sparse at the moment and you might find some repetition from my Guild Profile, but I will build this up over the coming months.  I have lots of ideas all spinning round in my head they just need harnessing and ordering into some form of Project Plan, which should not be beyond someone who was a Programme Manager at one point in his career!

So to make life easy for me at the start of my ONS adventure I have decided to restrict research by not registering any Deviants (spelt wrong or heard wrong) or Variants (extinct) to the TIMMINS surname.  I will come back to these once I have a better understanding of the surname origins.  My first stab at the surname origins can be found on my Guild Profile, or just go to the Origins Tab on this blog.

I will also be restricting my initial research to England and Wales but I would be pleased to hear from anyone researching the name. I will respond to all enquires and I will be delighted to assist where possible.

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