Tuesday’s Tip – Blogger Backup – A Belt and Bracers Approach

Following the problems with the Google Blogger service last week I started to think whether I could restore all my posts without too much effort.  The answer was a deafening NO!

Since starting my Blog in February I have posted 14 items to my home page plus I have 4 static pages.  Being new to blogging I have tried different ways of producing posts which has led to me using LiveWriter, Notepad, Word and Blogger itself.  Apart from Blogger the only thing these editors have in common is the fact that I saved the work and images to my Blogger folder on Dropbox.  This led me to the conclusion that it would have been damn difficult if not impossible to reconstruct my blog.

Weighing up all the options this is my take on protecting my work on Blogger.

First I set up a free account with Backupify  So what is Backupify?  The web site gives this description:

Backupify is the leading backup provider for cloud based data, offering an all-in-one archiving, search and restore service for the most popular online services including Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter and more.

This was a doddle to setup, within minutes I had Blogger, Facebook and Twitter all programmed to automatically backup.  Now lets assume Backupify had not done its job?

I have a free account with Evernote which I must admit that I have only dabbled with on a few occasions when I wanted to save some Ancestry web pages, so I tested it saving a blog post.  This was a success, so saved all my posts and static pages, it took about 10 minutes.

In addition to the web version of Evernote there is a desktop application which sychronises with the web version.  I now have the desktop version on both my laptop and desktop PC’s, so all my posts are available wherever and whenever I want them.  I also put the working Evernote folder in Dropbox, thus giving a belt and bracers approach.

One thing I didn’t realise was that Evernote desktop has a great little note application which is ideal for creating a blog post, it even allows you to insert tables!  So this is how I will be creating my posts in the future.

I think the Blogger failure last week has done me a favour.  I am now confident that I could restore my blog with not too much effort, also I have discovered Evernote.

Let me know how you are protecting your blog.
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4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tip – Blogger Backup – A Belt and Bracers Approach

  1. Thanks for reminding me I have something else to back up! I didn't realise that Blogger was down last week but I'm sure I'd have had a mini panic attack had I done.

    I've got an evernote account, however I find dropbox so much more straightforward. That's just me though.

    *goes off to investigate Backupify*

  2. Quick question about your backups: how do you backup the images in your blog? I realize you can see them. If you have to restore the blog, I suspect ('though I don't know) you'll need the original files. How do you backup the image files?


  3. Hi Harvey,
    All the images are saved within the Evernote note itself, in the size that they appear on the web page. In addition I keep copies of all the original images I use in my Dropbox folder.

    Also if you have a Picasa Web Album, Blogger will automatically save a copy of each image it uses to Picasa, in an album with the same name as your blog. It's worth using Picasa just for this feature.


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