Girls With Hats

This photo is from the early 1940’s, it is the “Williams Girls” outside what looks like Hoole All Saints Church, I don’t know what the occasion is but most likely a family wedding.

If you have been following my blog you will know that my mother Hilda came from a large family, eleven in total, eight girls and three boys.  This is the only photo I know of that shows just the girls.  

Gertie (born 1900) was the second child but the eldest daughter, Lorna (born 1924) was the youngest in the family.  

One of things I like to do is list the married names of my female family members, this helps any cousins to find me if they Google their parents/grandparents names. So in no particular order the Williams Girls married names are – Timmins, McDonald, Monkman, Griffiths, Cowmeadow, Jones, Wilcock, Hales.

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