Direct Ancestors from my Timmins Family Tree

I would like to share with you the surnames of my direct ancestors, namely my grandparents through to 5th great grandparents.

As you can see from the list below I am only missing one 2nd great grandparent.  This  was my first brick wall and has remained so. I will deal with this missing person in a future blog.   To keep it simple the list just states the surname, this is followed by the locations (i.e. towns, parishes and counties) that my ancestors lived in during their lifetime.

TIMMINS – Kingswinford, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Dudley, Worcestershire.
HAYES – Great Boughton, Chester, Cheshire.
WILLIAMS – Holywell, Flintshire, Hoole, Chester.
BENYON (BENION) – Ruyton XI Towns, Wem, Shropshire, Birmingham, Chester

JONES –   Dudley, Worcestershire
SMITH – Great Boughton, Christleton, Chester
THOMAS – Holywell, Flintshire and Durham
FENNAH – Churton, Aldford, Bruera, Hoole, Chester

BROMALL – Willenhall
SMITH – Dudley
LEDSHAM – Great Boughton, Chester
PLATT – Erbistock and Overton
WILLIAMS – Holywell
EVANS – Ellesmere
WELCH – Hoole, Chester

3rd great-grandparents…….
HICKMANS – Kingswinford, Staffordshire
SMITH – Willenhall
PRICE – Baschurch, Myddle, Shropshire
WILKINSON – Farndon, Great Boughton, Waverton, Chester
OWENS – Tattenhall
ELLAMS – Mucklestone
DAVIES – Aldford

4th great-grandparents (many more of these are UNKNOWN) …….  
ELLIS – Myddle
HEWITT – Waverton
LEVER – Churton
HARDEN – Plemstall, Hoole
ADSHEAD – Chester
DAVIES – Overton

5th great-grandparents (again many UNKNOWNS) …….
DAVIES – Waverton
PARKS – Ruyton XI Towns

The above Ancestor Chart was created from my Family Tree Maker database by Charting Companion. Hover the mouse over the chart image to zoom into the detail (uses the WP Image Zoom plug-in by

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  1. I recently read about the image viewer for displaying images online but I never thought to use it to display a family tree on my blog – what a great idea, it looks great!

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