Tombstone Tuesday – Primary Source vs Online Database

A Grave from the HAYES of Chester in my Family Tree
I found this headstone early on in my family history research, it was a great find as it opened lots of other doors and enabled me to discover much more information about my HAYES line. The data which led me to the headstone was on a microfilm held by the now defunct Chester Record Office (now part of the Cheshire Record Office).  I spent hours perusing these microfilm records extracting likely candidates for matches to my then small family tree.  Now a days you can easily search the Overleigh Cemetry records on-line!  The details of the 5!! people interned in this particular grave can be found HERE.
Old Cemetry No2, Overleigh Road, Chester.  Grave Number : R8000
The MMI (Monumental Inscription) for this headstone indicates that there are in fact 6 people buried in this grave and NOT 5 as suggested by the on-line database.
ALWAYS check the Primary Source!
The sixth person details are on the reverse side of the headstone.  ALWAYS check the back of a headstone.
There was also a small memorial stone hidden behind the main headstone, this gave some more valuable information on another HAYES ancestor.
The sixth person does in fact appear in the online database but is recorded as being interned in grave number 8000 (the R is missing).

Below is the information that I recorded from the original microfilm.  As you can see there is information here that has not made it to the online data, that is, the name of purchaser and the date they purchased it.

ALWAYS check the Secondary source.  You never know what goodies lurk in the old microfilmed resources.
Just to finish off this post here is the full MMI.
In Affectionate Rememberance of
Rebecca Hayes
Who died February 5 1892
Aged 74 years
And now Lord what is my hope
Truly my hope is thee

Also Elizabeth
The beloved wife of Walter Brown
Born March 14th 1861
Died April 29th 1896
Gone to be with Christ which is for better

Also Hannah the

[Paternal 2nd Great Grandmother]
Beloved wife of William Hayes
Who died July 18th 1904
Aged 77 years
Peace be with this place

Also Jane  

[Paternal Great Grandmother]
Wife of Edward Hayes
Died Sept 27 1915 Aged 59 years

Also Edward  

[Paternal Great Grandfather]
Husband of the above
Died Sept 7 1926 Aged 70 years

(on rear of headstone)
William Hayes
Died January 23rd 1929
Aged 71 years

(Memorial behind headstone)
In memory
Son of
Edward & Jane Hayes
Who died of wounds
In the Great War
Aged 25 years
Buried in Boulogne

Sentimental Sunday – A Day at the Seaside

Here I am sitting in the house on this miserable Sunday in June watching the rain bouncing off the patio floor outside, it is 16°c and I have two layers of clothes on.   I haven’t been very active on the blogging front lately as I have been taking advantage of the dry weather to paint the outside of the house – that all stopped today though!
Feeling a bit sentimental today so have been looking at a Picasa slideshow of some old photo’s.  I decided to do a quick blog after seeing a photo of my paternal grandparents enjoying a day at the seaside.
My paternal grandparents: 
Bill and Annie TIMMINS
William TIMMINS (1889-1971) 
Annie HAYES (1887-1958)
Date: estimated late 1920’s
Location: probably North Wales

I have a number of photo’s with Bill and Annie in several seaside locations, always with trousers rolled up and dress hitched up, paddling in the sea – no bathing costumes.  Note that Bill was also wearing a shirt & tie, a waistcoat and long jacket, with handkerchief in top pocket and pocket watch.  At least it wasn’t raining! 
Judging by the pier in the background the location would appear to be the North Wales coast somewhere between Rhyl and Llandudno.  
Bill was an Engine Driver for the GWR (Great Western Railway) and would have been allowed travel concession passes, so they probably travelled by rail.   Annie was in service as a Cook for the Aldred family at Littleton Old Hall, Christleton, Chester.  This was likely to be a Sunday when they were both not working.