Not So – Wordless Wednesday – John Henry Williams 1875 – 1925


My Maternal Grandfather
John Henry WILLIAMS (aka Jack)
Born Holywell North Wales 25 March 1875

My Grandfather (right) with his eldest son John (also called Jack)

Jack jnr was born 31 Jan 1898 in Leigh Lancashire

In 1900 the family moved to Hoole in Chester
These two photographs were taken during the First World War.  They illustrate the effect that the war had on people.  If you look at the first photo this shows a proud man in his new uniform ready to serve his country.  The second shows a dejected, weary, thin man a couple of years later.

To date I have been unable to find the war records of either my grandfather or uncle, so I don’t know what they did, or where they served?  From their uniforms I surmise that they were in the Royal Artillery – Clarification and help welcomed.

Family remember that JH signed up for the army to keep an eye out for his 16 year old son who had run away to join up.  JH would be about 40.  They both ‘survived’ the war.

My grandfather died in 1925 – aged 50.  On his death certificate it states he died from Tuberculosis.  His wife and children doubted this, they thought he actually died from the results of coming into contact with mustard gas.

Following the war JH had joined the fire service in Sandycroft near Chester.  During his service it is believed he “visited” the munitions factory where mustard gas bombs were being dismantled.